ripped to shreds

i love these shorts. worn in. ripped in all the right places. until, last week when they ripped a hand print size of a hole across my butt. i showed it to rey. "is this really noticeable? like can you really see my butt or just a little bit of my butt? do you think the other mom's at preschool will notice?" he responded "you can definitely see your butt. you need to patch those up with something." "what? i don't know how to patch stuff?! so you mean i really shouldn't wear them, like, it's that noticeable?" "go ahead and wear them. but, don't be all weirded out when people stare and whisper about you all day." "ok, i'll wear them. just with a long shirt or something. thanks!" 

sunglasses // free people
blouse // forever 21
shorts // vintage levi's
boots // target


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