My Week via iPhone : Weeks 20 & 21

This weeks happenings are actually two weeks worth of happenings. I missed last weeks post due to being on vacay. 
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 just catching up on some 3rd & bird. 
 my kitchen. #photoadaymay
 something that makes me happy. silence in the car. #photoadaymay
flowers in my hairs.
crawfish boil!
with my bestie and the crawfish boil.
 happy mother's day! 
my mom. #photoadaymay
 someone passed out at mother's day lunch.
 some days you just need a burrito bowl and an izze. 
 grass. #photoadaymay
l is for love. #photoadaymay
 our first plane ride!
 just hanging out in my diaper and my uncle's boots. 
washington monument.
flags at the washington monument. 
lincoln memorial.
lincoln memorial.
enjoying a beverage after a morning of site seeing.
the silver diner!
commencement pin my brother gave us.
he loves upside down stroller rides.
something(s) i can't live without. #photoadaymay
homeward bound!
where i stand. #photoadaymay
my mom makes the best yellow cake with chocolate icing. nothing fancy. just the basics.
pink pinstripes and dip dyed denim. #photoadaymay
technology. #photoadaymay 
birthday party prep work. only 8 days until the big party!
new. love the buttons on the back of this shirt. #photoadaymay
found him sleeping in his crib with his foot hanging out the slats. love him.


  1. Though I follow you on instagram, it still makes me happy to see your handsome little man!

  2. your little one is absolutely adorable!

  3. Your mom is so pretty! Great style!

  4. Great blog! I hope you'll visit mine!

  5. Love the pictures! I smiled from ear to ear at the ice cold Stellas! Ummm! Love that Tiffany necklace! Reminds me I have one and the chain needs to be repaired!

  6. great pictures. I love Chipotle bowls

  7. if my mom dressed like you my life would be complete LOL.


  8. love your little floral crown...& i totally have the same dress as your momma! ha! xo.

  9. saw your blog title on Rockstar Diaries and it made me smile so I had to stop by. nice to meet you! xo

  10. looks amazing! LOVE all these images; have to say my favorite is the chipotle. now. craving. burrito. bowl. :)


  11. i love seeing all these images before you do a post on your instagram pics. it's always a treat to see landon's pics. :)


  12. These are some great pictures. My iPhone seems to capture many more shots than my regular camera ever did. Probably because I bring it everywhere!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. Your pictures speak a thousand words of happiness, laughter and fun. There is no word to express what you captured on your son's face.
    Following you from the hop, please follow me at Thanks.

  14. Aloha,
    Following ya from the hop and loving that I get to revisit DC through your wonderful photos. Don't you just love all of the free museums and history in our nation's capital?

    We're riding the wave of life at and I'd love it if you'd join me for the fun-- when you're good and recovered from your vacay of course.



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