DC Part Deux

And our DC Adventure continues....Friday morning we woke up early to go to a local diner, the Silver Diner for breakfast. I had some of the most delicious Eggs Benedict and fresh squeezed orange juice I have had in quite sometime. After breakfast we explored Bethesda, the town we were actually staying in. Somehow we all ended up at the mall where we partook in some retail therapy followed by a Starbucks trip. That afternoon we all attended a Reception Ceremony at a local County Club for my brothers graduating class. The Country Club was so gorgeous! The reception was a great time, we enjoyed some tasty beverages and  Hors d'oeuvre while meeting some of my brothers classmates. Afterwards we had a fabulous dinner at Benihana with a few of my brothers friends and their families.
Saturday was the big day! My brother graduated from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences or USUHS for short :). The Commencement Ceremony was held at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. It was a great ceremony and Landon was awesome for the entire 3 hours which was a small feat in itself! I am so proud of my brother, since he was 5 years old he has always said he wanted to grow up to be a doctor. You know how kids are when they are young, throwing out how they want to be anything from a ballerina to President of the United States. My brother stuck to that goal he made at the ripe age of 5 and always said he would become a Doctor. I adore him for his humbleness and determination. Most people that have accomplished what he has would be bragging up and down the street (rightfully so). Not my brother. Initially when you meet him you would have no idea he graduated from West Point or was top of his class at USUHS. He just doesn't enjoy bragging or talking about himself. Which is fine, my Dad makes up for him in that area. :) My brother  is by far one of the most determined and driven people I have ever known. There is no doubt in my mind he will be anything less than an amazing doctor and anyone will be lucky to be his patient! We are all so proud of you. 


  1. love these photos... your outfit... and dc! fun post!



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