My Week via iPhone Week: 18

All sorts of shenanigans going on this week...

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new spring summer hat!
somewhere i went...finally saw the hunger games! #photoadayapril
1 pm #photoadayapril ali's bridal shower. 
cheers! with my bestie @reylorenzo
circle. #photoadayapril
turban sunday. feel free to use that phrase. 
something that makes me sad. #photoadayapril landon turning 11 months this week. :(
peace. #photoadaymay look at that sweet angel baby. 
most awesomest 1st birthday party stamps.
 skyline #photoadaymay lake mary. florida
maybe one day i will be able to keep the same nail color on for more than two consecutive days. 
sometimes after naps we hang out in his crib. nbd.
minty deliciousness. 
something i wore. #photoadaymay  
happy friday! now go play in a tent tunnel! 


tell me whatcha thinkin!

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