My Week via iPhone : Week 22

this week has been a busy week over here. someone turns 1 on sunday so we have been preparing for his party this weekend! i hope you all have a great weekend and make sure you check back next week for a birthday party post.

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rey's first attempt at making a "leaf" kinda looks like a lung but it was an excellent try.
dip dying some denim.
night out with my brother & rey.
landon woke up saturday morning and said "mom i need a haircut, gotta look fresh for the ladies at my party." 
sweet. #photoadaymay
engagement photo sesh location.
engagement photo sesh.
i look forward to this tasty treat at panera every summer.
who doesn't love jorts with a painted american flag?? #amurica
laid back. 
party preppin. 
post nap face.
playing the guitar with his uncle tyler.

landon's favorite place for a treat. ok, mine too.


  1. Great Pictures. Have a great weekend.

  2. Does the green shirt that Landon has on have eggs on the front?! I love it!

  3. Such a little cutie. Happy Birthday to him! Following from Blog Hop Every Day! Have a great party and a great weekend!

  4. That looks like a busy week. Have a great 1st birthday weekend! :)

    New follower. Love it you could link up with Weekend Blog Walk also...

  5. Gosh! How cute is Landon at the hairdressers!!?? And those jooby lips!!! Ahhh so sweet :D


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