My Week via iPhone : Week 19

All sorts of shenanigans going on this week...

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he can tell a story with those 'brows. 
catching up on some important reading.
fun! #photoadaymay 
he loves some ice cream. 
love these two.
 you. #photoadaymay 
happy cinco!
 bird. #photoadaymay 
love the new shops at target concept. almond butter toffee from the candy store.
rey made me do it. 
shops @ target privet house place mat & napkin.
a smell you adore. #photoadaymay
something you do everyday. technically i don't frequent target everyday...maybe like 4 times a week. i really should start making lists...#photoadaymay 
best $3.99 i've spent in a long time. 2 weeks later and still thriving! 
rey surprised me with toms ballet flats! happy early mother's day to me!
favorite word. #photoadaymay
have a happy mother's day weekend, tell a mom you love her or tell you own mother how much you love her!


  1. I wish we celebrated more holidays on this side of the world! Cinco de mayo looks so fun!! And yummy!!


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