stolen from the men's side

i stole this jacket from the men's side of target. i didn't really steal it. i paid for it. in full. like two months ago and now it's on clearance. plus, if i had stolen it i would get caught. i have one of those faces that can't hide stuff very well. like, if i don't care for you. you know it. within at least 45 seconds of meeting me. 
i promise i'm not as horrible as i'm making myself out to be.

p.s. thanks for voting for me in the top 25 mom blogs. i'm happy to say i finished 21st out of 103 blogs. which is better than 104th place.

beanie // target
jacket // target
tank // urban outfitters
denim // urban outfitters
boots // target


  1. Me encanta la chaqueta!!!!

  2. You look amazing! I really like the high waisted jeans with the tee tucked in like that and the beanie is a nice pop of color! Well done :)

    Giving away $50 to Shabby Apple today, you may want to enter :)


  3. Love it! I need to get to Target and scour the clearance rack :)

  4. This is such a good idea to mix and match military jacket.

  5. So cute! I need to venture into the men's section more often....


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