hair revival

i got my hairs cut yesterday. it had been awhile and by awhile i mean like 6 months. sometimes you need to freshen those locks up. i have been going to the same girl for a few years now. she is amazing. she pretty much knows exactly what i want without me giving much direction and it always turns out better than i expected. it's funny how just trimming a few inches off seemed to transform my color. i'm all for not having to get a new color when it looks like i did. if you live in the orlando area make sure you check out alchemy the salon here! ask for tiffany. she will change your life. well. at least your head!

tank // urban outfitters
pants // forever 21
flats // urban outfitters


  1. It looks good. I'm going in to get a trim on Saturday. I can't wait!

  2. Nice new do - looks great! Lovin' those pants too :)

  3. loving your new hair do. I go on Friday to get mine done

  4. i was about to say "her hair looks great, especially the color!". totally thought you dyed it.

  5. This is my favorite and the best look that you have had since I started following your blog. The outfit is awesome!

  6. Love the colors of your outfit and your haircut looks great!


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