street sittin'

my husband loves classic cars. any time he has a chance to photograph one he pounces like a cat on...something...i'm not a cat person so i'm the wrong person to be quoting cats. he was kind enough to throw me in for a few photos.

sweater // target
tank // urban outfitters
denim // american eagle
boots // target

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  1. Love these photos! I have a thing for photographing old/antique looking stuff so I know how he feels. These photos should be in a magazine! Plus your outfit is totally fun and funky :-)

  2. haha that is so cute!
    did you guys ever get caught by the owner? :)
    you're lucky your husband likes to take pictures! mine is always like "fiiine okay i'll take your picture again" haha

    The DayLee Journal

  3. Your smile is so gorgeous :) Love the way you put it ' he was nice enough to throw me into some of the pics' - LOL. Such a nice husband you got! hehe. Great pics, great car, pretty girl <3

    XO, Kat

  4. love your pants! so cute!


  5. love the hair, love the attitude, love the whole freakin thing!!!:)))
    great job!!!!

  6. Very cool the firts pic! I love it!!!
    Do u want to follow each others? Let me know! Kiss Kiss

  7. I recently found your blog. 1. Love your hair, I may have to copy it. ;) 2. Pretty pictures. 3. Love your outfit!
    Just became your newest follower


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