park life

rey and i took landon for an early morning walk through one of our local parks. it was so peaceful and quiet just the three of us leisurely wandering. until landon decided to start screaming and tearing up the grass and hitting us with sticks. i digress. it really was a  gorgeous, silent morning for 5 minutes. 


  1. you got to love those 'quiet' family walks :)

  2. So cute ce petit garçon <3

  3. Landon is so cute! I love how u match with him in blue, how adorable. You are one hot momma! I hope I will look half as good as u when I have a kid. Following u now on gfc and bloglovin dear, lets keep in touch and have a wonderful week

  4. These pictures should be developed! They're gorg!
    Love you in blue.

  5. Can we be friends? This looks like such a wonderful day {I know with kiddies looks can be deceiving. Add in the audibles and it might feel slightly different :)}

    The blue of this dress. HI. Clearly, I'm going to dig on that.


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