my week via iPhone

just a few shots of my week according to my iPhone.
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one of us is happy. the's debatable. 
a lot of beverages for one table. 
team usa.
oreo cheesecake bites for a pinterest party.
just being fancy on a sunday afternoon. 
florida living at it's finest.
two sips in. boom. this happened.
flashcards with grandpa. 
someone is getting a big boy room makeover. 
delish dinner.
sailboats & stripes. 
paint choices.
trying these on at home for size. 
photo shoot for lake mary life for a story on local bloggers.
saturday wears.
landon approved of burger fi.
mimosa, party of one.


  1. Ohhhhmaaaaan that picture of dinner is making me drool!!!

  2. Ooo excited to see that room makeover!

  3. cool pictures!
    your son is THE cutest!! :D


  4. what a great week, these are so great. awesome about the local story and the adorable pool
    Xo Megan

  5. Aawww ur baby is cute! Reminds me of my child when he was younger...Haha. Love tt photo of him playing in tt small portable pool :)


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