i wore this into starbucks the other day and one of the old men that sit and
"people watch" aka be creepers each morning drinking their black coffee with no sugar. i don't really know what he drinks i just like to imagine that all old men drink their coffee black with no sugar since my own grandfather does so why would this man be any different? back to the subject at hand. said elderly man commented to me "oh you changed your look today". i thought he was referring to my goth cowgirl ensemble. so with a confused look i just shook my head and said "oh, yeah, i don't wear black a lot." he then replied "i meant you don't have the baby with you." i then pretended i knew that's what he meant all along when the barista called my name. saved by the caramel macchiato once again.

blouse // forever 21
high waisted denim shorts // urban outfitters
cross body satchel // target
booties // target


  1. Really cute outfit (:

  2. Love the necklace! Is it a real watch? Does it work? ;D

  3. loveeee your style. you're bold!'s wonderful.

    haha. the old man. my dad drinks coffee black w/ no sugar so i would think the same.


  4. Its weird isnt seem to pale into the background when you have a baby with all focus is on the child!! your outfit will certainly get you noticed!! Love it!!
    found you via the Friday blog hop and have followed xx Have a fab weekend.

  5. Your hair.. that lipstick.. those boots = all are STELLAR. This look is adorable. Girl, you're ready for fall!
    xx. Jillian

  6. carrying a baby is like an outfit accessory? LOL!
    Gorgeous as usual :)

  7. Your boots are perfect! :)

    x Eline -

  8. Too Funny with out the old man said to you

  9. looove this outfit! I have that top too, it says its black but does yours have a tint of navy in it too?! ps yes, old men can be real creeps, but there are some sweet ones out there!


  10. Love this outfit)) and your hair


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