fake or florida // 96

apparently it's fall in some states and by some i mean every other state except for florida. florida always has to be different. always hot. always a meth lab bust on the news. always a crack head that robbed a 7-11 and demanded all their mt. dew and flaming hot cheetos. even seth meyers came up with his own bit in florida's honor. with all that excitement who wouldn't want to live in this state? 

sunglasses //  ray-ban

slip dress // free people

boots // target


  1. your too cute. i will be heading to FL in a couple month. I so can't wait.

  2. Haha!! FL is something else huh?! Seriously in love with this dress! Fabulous!

    <3 Shannon

  3. Love that minty color! I wish I could have that slip in all colors :-) and about the weather, even though where you are is still hot, its going to get pretty awesome later on! Can't wait to enjoy that :-)

  4. cute outfit! I;m sure there's good sides to Florida


  5. haha Oh Florida. I lived there from jun-jan one year, it definitely doesn't cool down until late october, but it's still short sleeve weather. haha Kind of awesome, but basically not. Come visit up north!
    You look so cute! I love that dress with the boots.

  6. I love this dress Rhiannon. And you look totally cute and yet hot at the same time. Cool sunnies.

  7. Florida is special! and yes, I can't wait for Fall to actually happen here. I love your style. I wish I could pull off the Boho Chic look like you do but sadly I just look ridiculous. Cheers to you for rockin' that look!


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