so. it seemed everyone under the sun was at coachella over the weekend. well. according to my instagram feed it appeared that way. i had my own coachella at home in sunny lake mary, florida with my husband and 22 month old. we got wild. even had a beer. or two. and put up a swing set. and by put up i mean rey and my dad did all of the construction and i supervised. cuz. ya know. i'm good at that. it's good to know your strengths. 

{what i'm wearing}
sunglasses // target
headband // urban outfitters
blouse // forever 21
shorts // urban outfitters
boots // target


  1. Love this coachella-inspired look. I live in Florida too, so much too far away to go to coachella, unfortunately. I am loving your effortless casual look though!

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  3. I really love your outfit!! <33


  4. It was such a fabulous outfit! I love how you pair your shorts and blouse with the gray ankle boots. What i really love the most is the shades. LOL Happy blogging! :)

  5. Hi Rhiannon, I'm Michelle from Lucky communitty.
    Pretty look! I'm visiting and following you. I'd love if visit me and follow too :)
    Nice to meet you!
    Many kisses!

  6. this is such a beautiful look with that top with lace detail and twist hair band :)
    would you like to follow each other?
    (check out my latest posts at Fashion Week Sydney)

  7. I love this look!! And I love your title! :)


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