rey and i took landon to the beach this past saturday. upon arriving we set up our chairs, towels and landon's toys in hopes he would be a sweet angel baby and sit in the sand playing merrily with his turtle sand castle builder. he however, had other plans. at first he grabbed fist fulls of sand tossing them casually in the air. our beach neighbors really enjoyed that. then he decided he should eat some. from the look on his face i can vouch beach sand does not taste as good as dirt. suddenly, out of nowhere a bell went off and he realized there was a never ending bed of water awaiting him. he was off. sprinting towards the ocean with rey behind him. once he saw the water it was over. no more sand. he then spent the next hour diving head first into waves and laughing as they knocked him over. at least that's what i hear happened. i was sitting from the comfort of my beach chair. i mean. someone has to always be the observer. 

i swear he isn't as burnt as he appears. 


  1. looks like you had a fun beach day

  2. OMG I love him! And you look amaze-balls girl!!!

  3. love your bathing suit!!! beautiful pictures :))

  4. This baby rocks!!!
    How cute is he???
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  5. he is super cute!!
    and i love your swimsuit!

  6. you look really gorgeous in that swimsuit! and by the way, your baby is so cute!


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