burrito baby

so. i was a bit hesitant to post these photos. i kept asking rey "are you sure i don't look pregnant?" "no. you don't look pregnant." "maybe i don't look pregnant maybe it's more like i ate an entire chipotle burrito?" he would then reply "no, and i don't even know what that means??" i then ended the conversation. i mean. who doesn't know about a burrito baby?

let the record state: i do not have an actual baby or a burrito in my belly. 

sunglasses // target
dress // target
belt // target
sandals // target
bag // target


  1. I wore a dress very similar to this one over the weekend and after asking my boyfriend a bizillion times if I looked pregnant in it, he reassured me that I didn't. And then one of my friends came up to me and asked if I was pregnant. Don't pair this dress with a long necklace, trust me.

  2. I have a dress just like this one and I am obsessed with it! I love how you styled it.


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  4. I think I need that dress, it looks great (and no burrito baby in sight!)


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