styrofoam barks

i look kinda angry faced in this photo. i don't really think i was that angry. i think i was just irritated because whenever we go outside and the dog can see us, she barks. like that really nagging styrofoam in your ear bark. you feel me? and why does styrofoam make that noise that makes your body shiver with disgust?  you think they would of created something that didn't make that god awful noise by now.

beanie // target
sweater // old navy
tank // h&m
leggings // forever 21
boots // target

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  1. Me gusta el jersey.

  2. LOVE the leggings and hat! I am getting a similar pair this week and can't wait to style it. Patterns can be a little daunting but you did a great job here :)


  3. Adorable! Love it!


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