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we bought landon this amazing vintage inspired car from land of nod for christmas. rey and i were super excited to give it to him christmas day. rey put it together with excitement the day it arrived, even waxed it and covered it with a cloth in the garage just in case landon happened to see it. christmas morning rey positioned himself near the tree with the video camera ready to go. i went and eagerly woke landon. "come on! let's go see what you got for christmas!" all the while he is screaming for breakfast. i put him down and say "go, run to daddy! see what he has!" he runs. but not to daddy. to our dog bella and begins chasing her around the house. we try to corral him to show him his new treasure. place him on the seat of the car. he quickly jumps off with a shake of his head and is off to play with the garbage can or pretend to feed the dog. in the end we should of just bought a cardboard box. lessoned learned. however, the car does look amazing sitting in his room.

on landon 
hat // gap
flannel // old navy
tee // target
cords // gap
moccs // freshly picked

on me
beanie // target 
sweater // target
tank // h&m
leggings // h&m
boots // target

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  1. Bonitas fotos!!!!

  2. His outfit is super cute! Love the shirt & trousers.

  3. hahaha! I know, buying kids presents can be pointless. but I loooooove this car and I bet now that he's figured it out, he loves it too! :D That car is so awesome. :)


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