my week via iPhone

here are a few snaps according to my iPhone this week. 
follow me on instagram. it's pretty earth shattering. unless earth shattering isn't really your thing.

new essie metallics.
pool day!
pool day with these two.
burrito bowls and guac are where it's at.
it was just me and this guy setting out to conquer the world.
then he fell out.... 
i put him in the wagon and he promptly props his feet up on the other seat.
he could play in there all day long.
i just wanted to get my phone fixed. this isn't even half the people that were at the apple store at 10am.

he loves his chair.

the #waycooler app makes me giggle.
target has really stepped up their shoe game as of late.
pretty sweet lynryd skynyrd tee i scored from forever 21.


  1. You look SO adorable on pool day, and I love your nail polish :) Happy weekend!

  2. Lovely pictures ♥

  3. I have never heard of burrito bowls before but I think I need to get onto them!

    Sarah x

  4. Great set of Instagram pictures that totally showcases summer fun!!! Your son is adorable!!!!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane

  5. Nice photos and nail polish ! Love it


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