22 months

22 months ago you came into our lives. Soon are the days of a two year old. You are such an amazing little boy. You are definitely all boy. You love cars, trains and trucks. Especially trains, anytime you see one, hear one or think you hear something that resembles one you pump your hand in the air like you are a train conductor honking the horn (I don't even know how you know to do that?) and scream "choooo chooo!" at the top of your lungs. You are a total wild child and your favorite part of the day is racing your cars with your Dad or when he puts you in your dump truck and pushes you around the house. The faster, the better. The bigger the crash, the better. The louder, the better. You are fearless which frightens me to no end. I see a few broken bones and stitches in your future. (knock on wood) Your a boy of a few words but you seem to understand what you are saying and that's all that really matters. Your favorite animals are monkeys and pigs. And like to walk around snorting like a pig. And your favorite food is popcorn or "pacorn" as you refer to it. Your favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and whenever you see him you scream "Mickey! Mickey!" to anyone that will listen. Your favorite movie is The Lorax and you especially love the fish in the movie. You weigh in at a whopping 30lbs and I'm pretty sure your hands are bigger than most adults. You are still super independent and think you can do anything and everything on your own. Sometimes it makes me sad but then I realize that is just part of growing up and it makes me happy to know at such a young age you have your independence. 
You are such a loving boy and so "European" as I like to call you, whenever someone asks you for a kiss you give them your cheek. I find this hilarious. I love your innocence and your love for everyone. You are still so young to show any prejudice towards anyone and my one wish for you is to not become jaded and still keep that outlook with you always. Landon, you bring your father and I more joy and love than you will ever know. You make our hearts so full. We are amazed each day we watch you grow. The both of us can't wait to see what the next year will bring and to watch you turn into a little boy.



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  2. Happy 22nd "birthday" to your boy! Love the photos and such a sweet post for him. :)

  3. I know you probably are super biased, so I thought I would give an outsiders opinion: Your boy is the CUTEST. and you had to go and add suspenders ;) Happy 22nd!!!

  4. Too cute! When did our babies grow up?!


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