what a character

one of the perks of having season passes to disney is you can go anytime you like. yeah. that's how those passes work. sunday we spent the day roaming hollywood studios and epcot. i'm still waiting for the phase where landon becomes terrified of the characters kinda like how he is terrified of getting his hair cut. but, that's a story for another day. 


  1. LOVE the pictures!! Aaaahhh.... this is making me so excited for our trip to Disneyland in July. I can't WAIT! If we lived there, we would totally have passes! I think it would be SO fun to just stroll through the parks and enjoy these little moments!

  2. ah! love it. how sweet. madeline would run away from him...LOL.


  3. Cute photos! We're bringing our boy to Disneyland soon and I can't wait! ;)

  4. So adorable!

    xo Jennifer


  5. Your kid is so adorable!!!! He looks really excited to see Goofy. :) Love the photos so much!:)


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