it's jake!

saturday we took landon to trunk or treat at our church. it's trick or treating but with car trunks. which is probably why they call it "trunk or treat". he dressed as jake from jake and the neverland pirates. i assumed there would be tons of kids dressed as jake, surprisingly he was the only one and kids kept walking by him pointing and saying "hey! it's jake!". probably cuz of his adorable face, he's known to stand out in a crowd. :) he had so much fun. anything with screaming kids, even louder parents and inflatables is right up his alley. at one point he was the only kid left in the bounce house and rey had to climb in after him. yes. we were those parents dragging the screaming kid out of the princess castle bouncy house and forever chasing him trying to keep that wig on his head. happy almost halloween!


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