bless her heart

 ok. so where did the weekend go? no really. where did it go? and seriously. is it already october? i am desperately dreaming and wishing of cooler temps here in orlando. then i get woken up in a pool of sweat with 6 fans on full blast. maybe it's not normal to sweat that much at night? until those cooler days arrive i will just keep on wearing my florida fall attire and keep getting those looks that say " oh, isn't that sweet, she thinks it's cool enough out to wear boots and a beanie. bless her little heart." 

denim button up // forever 21
lace shorts // forever 21
ankle boots // target


  1. Girl, you look darling. It's weird to think about it not getting cold yet... we put our extra blanket on the bed last night.


  2. I agree! This weekend flew by! Your shorts are adorable :)

  3. love this look! I can't stop buying denim shirts - def one of my favorite pieces right now xx

  4. love the shirt!! We have a giveaway going on right now where you could win a 100$ pair of glasses. Just thought you'd be interested! Come by soon ;) xx

  5. your shirt and shors are incredible, great look honey :P


  6. I love your ombre hair! I wish it was a style that I could pull off myself!
    - Monica
    Caravan of Style


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