dear landon

dear landon,

september 3 you turned 15 months.

you currently have, lets say...6.5 teeth maybe almost 7. you are still tooth challenged but, that's ok. what you lack in teeth, you make up in other areas. 

you are obsessed with dogs. anytime you see a dog, hear a dog on tv, smell a dog. you squeal and say aww. it is beyond adorable. 

your new favorite "toy" is our broom. you like to walk around the house sweeping and chasing bella with it. you have also become quite the cleaner and grandma powell's house. when she is cleaning you like to follow behind with your handheld swiffer duster and "dust" with her. you also love to dance, clap at random times or when you hear the songs from mickey mouse clubhouse, small potatoes, and jake and the neverland pirates. you also wave to the most unusual people. we might need to work on stranger danger more. :)

you also have become quite the expert at, how should i put this? "misplacing" our remotes. we lost our bedroom fan and living room tv remote due to your missplacingness. however, we have, as of yesterday found the bedroom fan remote shoved in the bottom of one of your dad's t-shirt draws.

you can now unlock the iphone and like to talk to siri. which may be a sign that your father and i are on our phones way too much. oh well. we are in a tech savy world these days. 

you are kinda on a normal sleep schedule. it can change with the wind. usually you take one nap a day and go to bed around 8, maybe 9 ok sometimes, 10. and lately you wake up at 5:30am. you're father and i have found this to be a great time to do our house cleaning or any other chore we find necessary.{insert sarcasm}

currently your favorite words are dada dada dada, you will stare out the window yelling this for what seems like hours to me but i'm sure i black out and it is on a minute or so. you also like to say "oh wow" while we peruse the aisles of target and say "uh oh" whenever you accidentally drop something. and by accidentally i mean you look at me and throw something on the ground and say "uh oh". we will work on that one.

i am happy to say you are a much better eater than i thought you were going to be. your favorites are chicken nuggets, quesadillas, pancakes, bananas and grilled cheese. oh, and applesauce pouches. i'm pretty sure you could live off of those things. 

at your 15 month check up you weighed 24lbs 14 oz and 32.5 inches long. 
currently you are still wearing 12-18 month clothing and size 4 diapers. 

your hair is a dirty blond brownish color, it goes lighter when you are out in the sun. and your eyes are naturally a gray shade but change to blue or green depending on what you are wearing. you can thank me one day for that. and thank you dad one day for your temper. :)

speaking of tempers..anytime we tell you "no" you shake your head, stick your lip out and scream. total. drama. i just ignore you and walk away. you then stop and go grab your broom. and carry on as if nothing happened. 

you are such a loving and caring little boy. you have so much joy and love in your heart it is amazing to me. i hope this never changes and will always have that innocence about you.

landon, i love you so much more than you will ever know. you make my heart soar with happiness each day i see you grow and change. i hope i am living up to the mother you wish for. i love you.


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  2. cutie pie!

  3. Just found your blog and love it! Your son is adorable! xx.

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  6. Wow- those eyes of his! Holy cow!!! What a stud! xo

  7. So cute - I love that Landon can talk to Siri that is hilarious.

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist


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