yes, the rumours are true. i was named after the fleetwood mac song "rhiannon". i know you were wondering. now that we got that out of the way...i've always loved my named, it was different than all the other kids in my class. it set me apart from the others i always felt. in elementary school when the teacher was calling the roll "jessica, jennifer, amanda, sarah, rheee...??" at an early age i learned that was my cue to chime in "my name is rhiannon, ree-ann-in." they would continue to butcher it for the next week or so then finally, probably, get it right. i had a keyboarding teacher in high school that called me "ree-a-non" the entire year. after three weeks of trying to explain to him how to pronounce my name, i just went with it and adopted my new name as "ree-a-non". 

sunglasses // ray bans 
fleetwood mac tee // h&m
braided belt // target
denim // urban outfitters
booties // urban outfitters


  1. That's a very cool name! I have a very common Flemish name; at one point there were 4 people in my class (of 26 people) called Jolien. But! To English speakers, my name has proven to be unpronounceable. I have been called Julian or the like hundreds of time, even though I think the woman singing about "Jolene" was pretty American, no? It's been a struggle ;)
    On another note, your outfit is lovely. Very cool. Love the belt and boots!


  2. Love your name, makes you special and unique ! :)

  3. I went to school with a girl named Rhiannon, and she just adapted to being called 'annie'. I always preferred to call her Rhiannon because I liked it better. And the song is just divine!


  4. I love FM and am totally digging the vibe of this outfit!

  5. great style!!! super nice blog sweetie...
    you can check out my and maybe we could follow each other? :) let me know!
    lots of love


  6. Well Miss Rhiannon - you're looking slammin' as usual!!! Love the tee and those boots :)

  7. Love this outfit girl, those shoes are killer! Following your blog via Bloglovin :) x

  8. Loving this edgy outfit!
    And I think your name is beautiful!

    xo Jennifer

  9. Gorgeous red shoes! :) Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  10. That is so cool i love that name! love the top!

  11. love!

  12. I LOVE your name!!
    I've actually come across quite a few Rhiannon's in New Zealand!

    My name, 'Candice' is not too common where I'm from - I've only met one or two others?

  13. I have a friend w/ a daughter named Stevie after - yeahhh, same band ...

  14. Rhiannon is my favourite Fleetwood Mac song, so you're actually quite blessed with such a name.


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