north carolina // 104

every october we venture to north carolina with my parents. it's always a nice getaway from the florida heat, a slower change of pace and i always look forward to seeing the leaves change and the mountains. you know, things us floridians never experience. now it's back to reality. landon was clearly on vacation mode still this morning when i had to wake him up for school. didn't want to budge from the comfort of his bed. pouring a cup of cold water over his head always does the trick. kidding. maybe. 


  1. What a funny moments! You're an amazing family!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  2. How funny--I was just talking to a friend about North Carolina today and he claimed it was beautiful. I guess I have to believe him now! Also, what a dapper young man in the plaid shirt :)

    Another Beautiful Thing


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