friday, but not // 106

i woke up thinking today was friday. it in fact is not. it's thursday. which means tomorrow is friday and not today. you're welcome for that bit of information. this week has kinda been crazy town over here. between toddler meltdowns on the regular and there was the evening i left him in the bathtub for thirty four seconds to go run put something in the oven. only to return to what i would compare to as the titanic crashing and flooding my bathroom floor. because, you know. how dare i leave him for said thirty four seconds to try and attempt to feed myself. thank god for fridays. and beer.

beanie // forever 21

sunglasses // ray-ban

thermal // free people

dress // free people

boots // sam edelman


  1. Lovely outfit and I feel you, I totally woke up thinking today was Friday.

  2. Really Rhiannon how dare you ;) your poor poor son :) awww girl sorry but your story made me giggle........You look totally cute in that outfit and I am still in love with the ray ban.
    hugs hun

  3. Loving your scarf! Such a cute touch!


  4. You look adorable! I love the sweet lace paired with your sweater, it's an ideal fall look :) I hope you get some serious rest this weekend. And definitely a beer or two. or three.

    The What's In Between

  5. Cute skirt. Hope the rest of your week gets better.

  6. cute skirt. I hope you week gets better.


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