haturday // 01

i wear hats. a lot. frequently enough that three of my family members bought me three different styles  for christmas. someone recently left a comment asking if i wear a hat everyday. the answer is yes. well, besides at church or at a formal gathering of sorts. that's just down right rude. 

hat // free people
dress // urban outfitters
tights // h&m
necklace // urban outfitters {similar}
boots // target


  1. You look super cute. I been wearing hat a lot lately. I post a picture of my on my facebook page and a friend was like no hat. Even my hubby the other day was like you don't have to wear a hat everyday.

    1. thank you! i kinda feel weird not wearing one now! lol.

  2. I love this! You look great miss, I try to pull off hats but can't always seem to get it just right. you are rocking it, and I love the photos!

  3. You can wear the heck out of a hat girl! And how awesome that your family bought you hats for the holidays! I don't know that mine pay attention enough to my style to know what to buy me :)

    xo - Marion

  4. Love your blog♥♥♥

    new follower! =)



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