fill 'er up! // 02

on black friday i received this starbucks espresso tumbler. for those of you unaware, you pay for the tumbler and daily get one free espresso beverage of your choice for the entire month of january. i know what you are probably saying "it's not free, you paid for the stupid tumbler to fill it up each day and feel like you are getting free coffee all month." well, it was technically a gift from my parents so it is free and i plan to spend the entire month circling the starbucks in my area getting my fill of grande non fat upside down caramel macchiatos all day long.  heart palpitations and pee stops are in my near future. 

hat // anthropologie 
cardigan // forever 21 {similar}
thermal // urban outfitters
necklace // urban outfitters
denim urban outfitters {similar}
boots // forever 21 {similar}


  1. Oh my, the quality of your pictures is amazing. I love the boots and also what a great gift from your parents! Happy new year Rhiannon! xx

  2. It is the same code for everyone , so you can use it as many times as you want per day!!!!

  3. nice!:))xo

  4. Such a fun gift your parents gave you.

  5. Lovely shots! xx

  6. Okay wow.
    I love your blog! LOVE YOUR BLOG(yes, in shouty capitals).
    Love the pictures!
    Glitter And Blush

  7. Beautiful! I love your cardigan and hat!

  8. You have such beautiful eyes! Love your jeans :)

  9. nice outfit and great photos!

  10. So pretty!! Thanks for stopping by! Love your style and you have such beautiful photos! So glad you found me! Us Orlando girls need to stick together! :)

    <3 Shannon

  11. your post brought a smile to my face! =) and the photos are gorgeous!


  12. in love with these photos! that cardi is so so cool


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