second birthdays

it was legitimately cold this week. i woke up thinking i wasn't even in florida. then i walked outside and saw people wearing jeans with leather jackets and flip flops and quickly was snapped back to reality. i was in fact still in orlando. i also wore my toms wedge boots that i begged rey to get me for my august..."i promise, i will wear them all the time! i love them so much! i will save another child's feet if you get them for me!" and by wear them all the time i meant open the box on my birthday and put them in my closet until october and reopen the box and pretend it's my birthday all over again. 

beanie // target
flannel // target
fox sweater // forever 21
denim // citizens
wedge boots // toms 


  1. Loving the wedge boots and fox sweater!

  2. I love wedges! I've never seen those before! Love the green too such a pretty bright color!



  3. Totally dig this look! It so says "im stylish but i dont try too hard and i still look this great"!;)) love the sweater and the toque just gives it the right amount of edginess!!;)

    Ps. Let us know if you would like to follow each other!!;)

  4. omg those toms are the bomb! i think i need them :)


  5. love your styling- I picked up the last one of this sweater they had at f21!

  6. toms? really? i had no idea they made those kinds of shoes.
    and i'm so happy its getting cooler! :)

  7. Hey! Where can I email you re cool event for moms not far from Orlando?



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