christmas comes earlier than early

we took our christmas card photos last week. ya know. get that out of the way.  they might unexpectedly change the date of christmas, luckily i will be prepared. or maybe i'm just a psycho planner and like to get things done way in advance. that's probably more like it. at the rate i'm going next year we may take them during easter.
 of course it was roughly 96* out, give or take a few. which explains why landon's face looks like he just ran the new york city marathon. it just wouldn't be florida without sweating while taking christmas photos. now i'm off to target to hoard the remainder of their felt ornaments and mint chocolate chip pretzel crisps. 


  1. Really cute guys!! Too bad there's no snow for the sled...they work much better that way! :-)

  2. These are really cool photos. I love the concept of Christmas card photos. I only wish we had it in our country.

  3. Love all of these (the purple is gorgy) - which one did you pick for the actual card?

    1. thank you! i haven't narrowed it down yet. i will probably end up using three on the card. :)

  4. Seriously in love with these pictures!!

  5. These pictures are so unbelievably cute. I love all the props! xx

  6. This is so cute!


  7. Super cute pictures. I have already written out most of my card.

  8. That last one is adorable! Actually, they all are! How cute! I need to take some cues from you and use more props in our pictures. :)


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