field day

remember field day in elementary school? those were the days. (pardon my 80 year old "those were the days" also excuse my use of pardon)  you were so excited to wake up and put on your team colors and play a fierce game egg toss. ok i got a tad off subject. this post has nothing to do with outdoor youth competitions. 
over the weekend we stayed at the all-star sports resort as a part of our end of summer staycation. they have a mock up football field where there were tons of kids running and playing. rey and i thought it would be a great place for landon to run around and enjoy being free. wrong. instead. it was like trying to corral a small but fast baby calf. instead of wanting to play in the padded grass he chose the concrete and rock solid stairs to climb. i looked around wondering if any other parents were having this issue. no. we were the only ones sweating and running around. all the other children were content playing as they were. not ours. 
such is life. i wouldn't trade him for the world.

sunglasses // ray ban
tank // urban outfitters
high waisted denim // urban outfitters
sandals // urban outfitters


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  2. Perfect photos !! Love your shorts !!! Seems like you had fun


  3. He's so cute! At least you know he had fun. That outfit looks so comfy - perfect for chasing your boy!

  4. cute pictures! Looks like you had an awesome time.

  5. We called those days Olympic Day. The year my grade was in charge of planning the different events, we (and I mean the boys) decided to do a water balloon launch into a circle of kids. It just so happened that my 3rd grade sister got a water balloon launched into her eye that day. And that's my 2 cents haha

    xo Jennifer


  6. Oh wow! Soooooo beautiful photos! Amazing! :)

  7. I love this casual look so much!
    And your kid is absolutely adorable. Be proud of him not being like all sheep in the flock! He rulez! ;)


  8. This is the first year I won't be going back to any kind of school and it is weird. (: I adore the color combinations going on in this look!

  9. LOVE THAT SHIRT!!! and he is so precious :)
    p.s. your blog is beautifu! totally following you! follow me back?

  10. Le short est tres beau!Super!
    Angela Donava

  11. Oh wow! you have so great style! Chic! :)


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