30 things

guys. i turned 30 today. 
  1. today i am 30.
  2. i am double jointed in my left thumb.
  3. i have a oval shaped light brown birthmark on my inner right ankle.
  4. i have a nearly 15 month old.
  5. i dated rey for 3 months before we got engaged.
  6. we were good friends before ever dating.
  7. we have been married 4 years now.
  8. i've been to paris once and would love to go back.
  9. i can't ride a bicycle. i attempted as a child but it never struck my fancy. such a weirdo.
  10. i have 3 tattoos.
  11. i had braces twice as a child. 
  12. my eyes are hazel and change depending on what i wear.
  13. i hate drinking drinks without a straw.
  14. i only drive shoeless. 
  15. i have one younger brother.
  16. i have a cupcake addition.
  17. green is my favorite color.
  18. i am obsessed with christmas. it's my favorite day out of the year.
  19. i love being a mom. landon is what completes my past 30 years.
  20. i have an amazing family that i wouldn't trade the world for.
  21. i love decorating for fall.
  22. i have a grande caramel macchiato every. day. it's a small thing that i look forward to.
  23. i have a slight nail polish addiction.
  24. along with said addiction i change my nail color probably 4 times a week.
  25. i got to target at least 4 times a week. 
  26. i hate grocery shopping.
  27. i also hate driving.
  28. i was a swimmer for 12 + years
  29. i can be a slight hypochondriac. webmd is the devil.
  30. i'm probably considered legally blind.


  1. I enjoyed reading every item... one question though... "along with said addiction i change my nail color probably 4 times a week." - where do you find the time?


  2. yay to being 30 and fabulous!!!
    and i love getting to know you more, you are just too cute! and i am right there with you! i HATE driving! to many bad drivers out there!
    xo TJ

  3. ahhh... the big 30!! Happy Birthday! And a swimmer for 12 years!? I just might be emailing you tonight- I've recently taken it up- and I need some expert exercises and tips!! I'm dead serious! xo

  4. i can't drive with shoes either!! wow do we have a lot of things in common :) happy birthday

  5. Happy birthday!! Hope it's a good year!

  6. funny post :)


  7. Happy Birthday! This list is so funny, and a really great idea!!

  8. oh, and I really like the new blog look!!

  9. Love this you are super genuine :) and that is awesome :)
    check out my blog when you get a chance :)
    following you :)

  10. Cute post! Happy happy birthday to you!! Enjoy your 30th year - I think it's way better than turning 20! I also hate drinking drinks without a straw (and especially without ice!), am obsessed with nail polish, and am really nearsighted (no fun!).


  11. Welcome to your 30's!! I'm right there with you on 21-25 except I'm a Mocha drinker :)- kristin

  12. yay! happy belated birthday and yay for 30! your blog is super cute! thanks for sending a little love my way. can't wait to keep following you! xxoo


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