A Boy & His Love for Leaves.

Over the weekend we ventured outdoors so Landon could play outside with his favorite Circus Tent and trucks. Turns out the Circus Tent and trucks couldn't hold a candle to leaves. Yes, leaves. We aren't talking pretty fall leaves in majestic shades of orange and yellow. We are talking old, crinkly, brown, dried up leaves. The child was in complete awe. At first he would just stare at them. Then he grew brave and started picking them up ever so delicately to feel them between his fingers. In a blink of an eye he was suddenly grabbing fist full's and throwing them in the air. Go figure. Sidenote: It is way way easier to take photos of a baby before the go mobile. I remember then days I could just prop him up and make a silly sound and I would get a perfect smile. These days it takes work. A ridiculous bird noise doesn't works anymore. He needs horns and a dancing act (trust when I say you do not want to witness me doing either). Don't even get me started on attempting to get him to sit still.  It's a near impossible task. He gets distracted by every little thing. From little kids going by on their bicycles to an ant in the grass. How the heck does he even spot those things? Eagle eyes I tell ya....


  1. Such precious photos of your little guy! Will loves all leaves to - I think it is the sound they make when they crinkle them!!

  2. I love your blog. It's always so fun and refreshing to read. That baby boy should be in a magazine! :)

  3. Gosh... SO cute!! :)

    Much love from


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