My Week via iPhone

My week via iPhone went a little something like this....

1. Green. #marchphotoaday
2. St. Patrick's Day twinsies.
3. Enjoying the outdoors!
4. A corner of my home. #marchphotoaday
5. #aprilphotoaday starts April 1!
6. A boy discovering a dog bowl.
7. Before & After. #marchphotoaday
8. Delicous. #marchphotoaday Sometimes there is nothing better than an ice cold H20.
9. My first attempt at making homemade flat bread turned out successful! It was super easy and fast.
10. This lady on the Disney Channel is one of the most irritating people to ever exist.
11. Baby boy being independent and feeding himself.
12. Kitchen sink. #marchphotoaday I loathe dirty dishes in the sink.
13. Baby in a box!
14. Can I just play in the box? I don't need the toy.
15. Moon (ish) #marchphotoaday
16. Friday attire.
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  1. Cute post! Im with you on #12...I cant stand walking into the house after work and seeing the kiddos left dished everywhere....ugggh:(

    Happy Friday friend....I hope you have a fantabulistic weekend !!

    June 1989 Jewelry Grand Opening!

  2. your outfits are always so cute...cheers.

  3. All aboard the choo choo train...

  4. Adorable post!

  5. i like so much your personal style.

  6. Love your green jeans! That lady from the Disney channel does look SUPER annoying haha.

  7. your friday attire is absolutely adorable!! great photos!
    and of course, baby L is just perfect!
    xo TJ

  8. Great photos! LOVE your Friday attire with the ripped jeans!


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