One year. One blog.

2011 was a year full of firsts for the Lorenzo household.  I rang in the New Year from the comfort of my parents couch with Rey and my brother as we watched 'Rockin' New Years Eve' on MTV. There isn't really much you can do on New Years when you are pregnant. You don't want to be "that girl" at the bar, that's never a good look. 
February flew by in a blur as we prepared for the arrival of our baby boy. Getting everything perfect for his nursery. 
March, we celebrated our third wedding anniversary. 
April, I had my adorable baby shower thrown by my mother and my closets friends. 
That brings us to May, I remember that month consisted of numerous doctors appointments and trying to get in as much time with Rey before we became a family of three.  
June, my favorite month of the year, our baby boy Landon Alexander Lorenzo was born June 3, 2011, 6:57 a.m. weighing 6 lbs. 14oz 19 inches long. That by far has been the greatest day-accomplishment of my life thus far. No words can describe the feeling a mother gets when you welcome your baby into the world. Best. Feeling. Ever. June went by with a snap of a finger and we were onto July. 
July, we celebrated Rey's 30th birthday. 
August brings us to my 29th birthday. 
By September we were starting to the the whole parenting thing down and we were finally able to get a full nights rest. 
October, we took Landon on his first road trip to North Carolina, he visited his first pumpkin patch, and celebrated his first Halloween dressed as Woody and I as Jessie from Toy Story.
 November, Landon celebrated his first Thanksgiving and visited his first of many Santa's that he would see in the next coming month. 
We end the year with the busiest month of them all, we started the month with the Festival of Trees, ventured to Key Largo to the Ocean Reef Club, Landon visited a variety of Santa's and attended numerous Christmas activities. We ended the month with my favorite holiday of them all, Christmas, celebrating our first time as a family of three. 
2011 has been my favorite year to date, it was good to me. It taught me how to be a better wife, a better mother and a better friend. I'm not saying every day was always perfect, I had bad days..maybe even weeks.  But at the end of the day it made me who I am today and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Here's to 2012, you have big shoes to fill!


  1. 2011 Was a big year for you. best wishes for 2012

  2. that is such a wonderful
    review of your 2011 :)

    i hope 2012 is as perfect
    as this one was or better!


    Melina ♥

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  3. I LOVE this! What a fantastic year for you and your cute family - here's to 2012 and all the memories it will bring :)

  4. Happy new year, i wish you the best love this post!

  5. Happy New Year !!


  6. loved reading all about your 2011...seems like a great year!

  7. Great pics!!

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  8. Such cute pictures!!

    ★Happy New Year★

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  9. you had a great year on 2011,
    good luck on 2012


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    Have a great 2012

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