Christmas Day

Christmas Day myself, Rey, Landon, my parents, brother, my Uncle Donnie, Sue and my Grandfather all gathered at my parents house. We started the morning with mimosas, a delicious breakfast casserole, pumpkin bread and cinnamon rolls to fuel ourselves for the hour or so of gift opening that was soon to begin. After breakfast my mom and I were given the duty of handing out the gifts to everyone. Once all the gifts were in everyone's designated piles we each took turns opening one gift at a time that way we can all see what each person receives. My grandfather has a hard time with this task and always ends up opening his gift before his appointed time. :) I received some great gifts this year which included a new watch, Warby Parker specs, Flowerbomb perfume and an assortment of clothes and gift cards. 
Once we were all done opening our gifts we relaxed and watched " A Christmas Story",  I'm sure most of you know that TBS shows it from midnight on Christmas Eve throughout Christmas Day. Later in the afternoon Rey's younger brother and his parents were able to join us for an early Christmas dinner. My mom really outdid herself this time. She usually just makes a turkey and ham but this year she added a rib roast to the menu. It turned out amazing and can't wait for this tradition to carry on for years to come. 
This Christmas was the best one I have had year to date. Being able to share this time with my family and now Landon makes me feel so blessed. Landon has brought so much joy and happiness to so many lives in such a short amount of time. I can't imagine life being better than this! 
Bring it 2012, let's see if you can out do 2011. 


  1. awww you guys seem like to have a great time. I got jealous when I saw all the presents on the tree :) haha.

    I hope you have a great new year.

  2. Omg that baby is such a cutie!!! and those cheeks haha too cute, love the pictures

  3. wow it looks like you all had so much fun!
    and once again i'm in love with you're precious little boy...he is sweet as can be

    xoxo katlin

  4. Amazing photos! :) I love your hat :)

  5. omg the two of you look soo cute togehter! i love the moose beanie! absolutely adorable. :)

    sharde @ the style projects

  6. I love the angles you got on some of these pics, they are great! Looks like such a fun holiday! New follower!



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