Christmas comes in before Thanksgiving...

I had an itch this week to get started on my Christmas decorating. I know most people consider it sacrilegious to decorate before Thanksgiving. But, with all the decorations and music playing throughout every store I frequent I couldn't help but become inspired! Also, in my defense, we have some sort of activity planned every weekend until Christmas so it was really one of the few chances I had. 
There's something about a Christmas decorated house. It has a distinct smell of pine and cranberries, I can't help but smile and be in a good mood when I walk through those front doors covered with greenery and twinkling lights. My favorite thing to decorate this year was the tree, I went with a more handmade vintage theme. Complete with my Mamaw's tree skirt that my mom handed down to me. I love being able to have a little piece of my Mamaw in my home and can't wait to be able to tell Landon all about her and what an incredible, loving woman she was. 
Have a wonderful day and go out there and spread some holiday cheer!!

Dining room table.



Kitchen Table

I love the Grinch!

Our Tree!

Stockings! Landon has a "Baby's 1st Christmas" stocking. I still have to get mine and Rey's names put on ours.

Starbucks ornament.

L for Landon...or Lorenzo!

Here's a sneak peak of the outside! More to follow!


  1. cant wait for the them soon....the tree looks amazing...

  2. Look awesome. I can't wait to do my house.

  3. I love all of these pictures! Everything looks great! My mom has already put up decor and she's asked me when I'm going to do it. When I told her after thankgiving she looked at me like I was crazy ahaha

    btw, please update the link to my blog. It's been changed to


  4. My goodness - sooo pretty and festive - I LOVE it! Makes me want to bust out all my Christmas decor :)

  5. oh my god!!!!

    your house is amazing!!!!!!!!
    your decorations are amazing
    and every single detail is perfect!

    loving the m&m
    can i take some :):)??

    [♥]██[ X ]██[ O ]██[ X ]██[ O ]██[♥]

  6. My aunt and her daughters have a competition to see who can get their tree up first! It's always so funny to see their pics on facebook. My husband says I have to wait until the first week of December.

  7. You're adorable!! My roommate and I are throwing an Apres Ski themed party, so I'm totally going to use some of your ideas! And you're not the only one getting into the holiday spirit before Thanksgiving... I see it everywhere. But what the hay, the earlier the better I say!

  8. great post!


  9. Amazing decoration!

    Loved the tree and the M&M´s!!!

    Let's follow each other?!

  10. OMG can I live at your place for the holidays? It's so magical haha and your photos are amazing! Definitely following!

  11. Jolies photos!
    Angela Donava

  12. So fun, I bet it feels great to have it already finished!

  13. Wow! your house and garden look truly amazing! you have really inspired me to start decorating our place!

  14. absolutely stunning pictures!

  15. wow these are stunning pictures! your tree looks amazing, and the decorations all around the house are so cute:) can't wait to see more!


  16. Oh wow, your decor is beautiful! I REALLY love your tree :)
    The outside looks awesome. Can't wait to see more.

  17. I'm sooooo feeling Christmas early this year! Love these photos! Yay!

  18. Oh wow! I am pleased to see someone else is in the Christmas spirit early this year too! These photos are beautiful!

  19. Love the holiday decor.

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  20. I want to see more!! I'm now in a Christmas trance. I can't wait for the holidays!! Love these photos :)

  21. i have been trying to decorate for christmas before thanksgiving, but my man won't have any of it :( we have to wait until after thanskgiving!! i'm so excited though! these pictures of your beautiful home just made my belly tingle with christmas cheer and i need to decorate now!

  22. thank you :)
    btw, I like the design of your dining room and actually I love the rest of your house too :)
    I'm really getting attuned to Christmas :p

  23. your home looks GREAT!!! 12 more days and I can decorate :)

  24. Your decorations look fantastic.
    Today I was wonder whether I should even bother decorating for Christmas considering that we aren't going to be home for it. Still undecided...but this makes me think I still want to :)

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired
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  25. wow, absolutely beautiful! love all the decorations. your blog is lovely! and your little guy is the most precious thing ever. :) nice to meet a fellow mommy blogger. i'm your new follower, and cheers!


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