cold feet

Rey and I were out earlier this evening and encountered 3 women in a span of 30 seconds that came up and touched Landon's feet. You can usually sense when these types are approaching, they do the casual neck craning behind you, trying to get a better look into the carseat. Then you hear them whispering amongst each other or to themselves. That's usually my cue to walk away or politely smile and nod. But no, tonight that was not the case. These two women came out of what seemed like no where. It's like they were specifically on a mission to grab some baby toes. The first lady of course said "Oh hi, how old is your baby?" I politely replied "3 months" in hopes that would be the end of the convo. But no. She then replied "My baby is 36 years old, they grow up fast!" Then went in for the kill and grabbed his little toes and exclaimed "Wow his feet are so cold!" Then her friend must have assumed it would be ok for her to grab his feet. She then had the same reaction "Oh my gosh! His feet are as cold as icicles!" Now, if these women had walked by 20 min prior they would of noticed that Landon had shoes on his feet at that time, but if you have a baby you know they will kick them off at any given moment. Anyways, Rey then quickly explained to the women that he did have shoes on but had kicked them off...for some reason we both felt guilty like we needed to explain to these women that yes we are good parents, we do put shoes on our baby, we are not neglectful parents. When really it shouldn't of been any of their business to begin with, last time I checked we live in Florida and it's 100 degrees out, if I don't want to put shoes on my child then that is my prerogative. :) 

The women then hurried off, I'm sure in disgust and are probably discussing how they saw a baby out tonight with ice toes. We didn't even get a chance to discuss these women when another woman came in for the kill. She actually worked at the restaurant and didn't even say anything, just came right up, touched his toes, said how cute he was and was on her way. I kinda found it gross that she would touch my child's feet while working with food. I mean, he has clean feet, but feet are feet especially when handling food. 
I really don't understand why people think it's ok to come up and randomly touch your child or comment on them. We don't do that with adults, so why with children? I'm thinking of starting a new thing...starting tomorrow I will approach a random person and ask them "How old are you? Wow, you are so big/small for your age!" "Wow, you have so much hair, you know that's going to fall out!?" Then just walk off. On that note, I hope you have a great weekend and go out and touch some baby toes...or not. :)


  1. I find the whole situation appalling. You should've grabbed their hair and said, "Oh, is this yours?" "Are you a natural blonde" brunette, etc"?, then rub their arm, "oh what a lovely shirt, where did you get it?" O.k., I'm joking (sort of)but imagine someone coming up to you when you're pregnant and touching your stomach, I can''s coo-coo crazy to me. Imagine someone tougching your hair. It happens to loc wearers a lot. see link

    I'm glad you posted this because it's not o.k. to invade other people's personal space. Another link:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=9ec99a58cca5314e&biw=1280&bih=862


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