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the other day as i was casually perusing the aisles of target with landon an elderly man approached me. me, being as clueless as can be i assumed he was going to ask me what aisle the cheese is on. because, i'm pretty sure i look like the type of person that just knows where the cheese is located. i was wrong. instead he tapped me on my shoulder and said "i've never seen a real life witch in person. but, you must get that all the time." laughed and went on his way. i just stood there. confused. what just happened? a target employee walked by me and saw my puzzled expression and asked if i needed any help. "yes, can you point me in the direction of the cheese?" 

hat // forever 21

dress // forever 21

belt // free people

boots // urban outfitters


  1. That's is just weird and a bit rude. I would have said something like "what the hell is wrong with you? Are you on crack?" Haha

  2. k wait... what?! He actually said that?! That is a bit rude, I agree with Bethany. But I'm glad you were able to tell the story in an entertaining way. :)

    You look stunning, I love these photos and this outfit. The color scheme is beautiful, with the way your dress matches the background!

  3. such a dreamy maxi dress! the photo quality is so beautiful too


  4. LOve the vibe of this look! That dress is such a great find :)

  5. What a strange thing for him to say, this doesn't look even remotely like a witchy-witch outfit. And after looking through the rest of your outfits, it seems like you have more of a country girl with a bit of hippie mixed in, no witchy-ness to be found! I do like this, that belt is pretty fantastic.


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