Gettin' Springy With It!

with easter fast approaching i spent tuesday with my favorite toddler dying eggs and baking an easter bunny funfetti cake. which i will not show you the outcome because it terrifies me and reminds me of michael myers from halloween. let's just say i will not be winning any sort of cake decorating competitions anytime soon. but, it tasted good and landon loved it so i guess that's all that really matters? we wrapped up the afternoon with a little easter basket prep work and shoving our faces with cake. landon did that, not myself of course. 


  1. look like you two had a lot of fun. I love how you used kool aid to dye the eggs

  2. Ooo we need to dye eggs! I've never tried it with Koolaid? Cool!


  3. Those little "egg" animals (frog, chick, fox, bunny) are so cute! May I ask where got them? And brilliant Koolaid idea! xoxo

  4. We picked up some Koolaid mix and will be trying it out this year for our eggs! Lots of great Easter goodies you have there! Love his little cardigan!!

  5. He is so cute! Looks like so much fun, I haven't dyed eggs in ages, but I remember loving it so much when I was little!

    Following your blog now, I'd love it if you'd check mine out and possibly follow back :)


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