mom style

i'm a mom. in case you were unaware. just because i'm a mom and thirty doesn't mean i have to totally give up on life and dressing. i haven't traded my signature style for sweats and tees, or a pair of sensible khaki shorts and walking shoes. i can still wear my ankle boots and shorts adorned with jewelry (even if it means fighting my necklaces out of the death grip of a toddler) and still be a mom. being a mother doesn't mean you have to totally lose yourself. don't get me wrong. i love my child. i would do anything for him. but, he doesn't totally define me. plus, i think he digs the fact that i don't look like all the other moms around town. 
on me
hat// target
denim button up // forever 21
denim // old navy
boots // target

on landon
sweater // h&m
denim // gap
shoes // chuck taylors


  1. AMEN! Love this outfit! You are one of the most fashionable mamas out there.

    I was SOO close to getting those boots in black. You've convinced me. Now if they still have my size...

    ♥Abbey | Along Abbey Road

  2. You have no idea how inspiring this post is! Not just because of the ultra fabulous clothes but because of your message. You are exactly what I want to be when I become a mom. I've had moms in my family tell me that I better get the "fashionista" out of my system now because it'll all change when I have kids but I always think -why?? Why, do I have to change what I like and who I am?? So it's a relief to read this post!! Work it! Oh and your son is a total cutey pie :-)

  3. Beautiful shots! You two are a cute pair!!

  4. you have one of the coolest styles i've ever seen. it's great to see someone who is a mom and still cares about things they loved before becoming a mom. you know?

  5. you- are AMAZING!!!!! I loveeeee this post. I think everyone thinks that just because you become a mother you lose all sense of style and most importantly yourself, but you show that that is the opposite of true.



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