{creeper felines}

i had this shirt laid out on the bed last week. rey walks by and says, actually, he yells, because he always speaks at a rather high decibel. "what is that? it looks like some sort of demon. why are you going to wear that creep thing?" i reply "why? are you seriously asking me why? i mean, is it really that creepy? it's just a t-shirt with a cat with fangs and yellow eyes." he then left for work and i threw on a jacket to cover up the creepiness. you bet as soon as he came home my jacket was off. he will never know he got the best of me. 
until he reads this...

bomber jacket // target
tee // forever 21
skirt // target
tights // target
boots // target


  1. LOL ya'll are too funny! Love that skirt!

  2. cute story. I knew your skirt was for target. I just seen it there on Friday

  3. it totally works on you! my husband would say the same thing though...if not worse. haha.


    cheers, rhiannon.

  4. Bahahaha! I totally have that "creeper" shirt and I love it! Looks super cute and creepy on you :)


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