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i am a total product junkie. especially when it comes to hair products. bumble and bumble is my tried and true go to brand.  sometimes i steer away but i always come right back. kinda like chick-fil-a. i'll never be able to quit you. check out below for some of my favorites. 

BB thickening. I spray this on my roots every morning to add an extra oomp to my already wild hair. 
BB City Swept. I spray this throughout my entire head. The more I spray the bigger and more volume I achieve. It's amazing and smells delicious. 

BB Hairdresser's Oil. This stuff is pure gold. It tames my frizz and leaves my hair silky smooth. I use this after washing my hair. I spray all over my head then blow-dry for an ultra sleek look.

Surf Infusion. I spray this on while my hair is damp for that "just got back from the beach" hair even though I really didn't. Let air dry and voila! 

BB A Hint of Brown. I spray on this dry shampoo for those in between wash days. I like that it comes in colors according to your hair color. No white residue left behind like with some other dry shampoos.

BB Spray de Mode. This spray is a hairspray and heat protector in one. I use it more to protect my hair against heat when I am using my wand or flat ironing those pieces that seem to want to wonder away on their own.

What are some of your favorite products? I'm always up for trying new stuff! 


  1. I love BB straight blow dry


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