presley james

rey and i started decorating presley's room like four months ago. i'm an eager beaver and rey gladly just goes with it. i'm super excited with the final results and can't wait until she is here. fourteen weeks to go!
cloud mobile // baby jives
flower girl pillow // the land of nod

unicorn // the land of nod

mermaid // the land of nod
crib // target

crib sheet // little wife power house

crib skirt // target

blanket // pottery barn kids

sign // hobby lobbt

arrow // hobby lobby

ampersand // hobby lobby

shelf // target

sequin hanger // babybands bowtastic

dress // baby gap

crystal ball curtain rod // target

crochet curtain panel // target

lamp // ikea

chair // ikea we painted the arms and legs to match the crib paint color

blanket // ikea

pillow // ikea

mirror // hobby lobby

cloud mobile // restoration hardware

love sign // hobby lobby

dresser // target we painted the drawers grey to match the crib

hamper // ikea

changing pad cover // ivie baby

bird cage // hobby lobby

lamp // target

chest of drawers // ikea

letter P // hobby lobby

antlers // target

headbands // june & january

sign // hobby lobby

arrow // hobby lobby

ampersand // hobby lobby


  1. Love this take on a,girl's room!

  2. Seriously, I can look at this blog like one thousand plus ten times. #CutenessOverLoad #CallTheMotherShipCauseMyJawsAreSinking

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  4. oh my gosh it's perfect! wanna come decorate my room? haha seriously I love all the little details and all the colors you picked! She is a lucky little lady :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  5. Gorgeous ! a simple combination that results very well !

  6. aww the nursery turn out great.

  7. Oh this is so dreamy! I adore the little clouds next to the mirror :) xx


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