03 // layer upon layer

you know when you wear a romper, have to go to the restroom and then suddenly you're all like "sonofa why did i do this to myself, next time i'll go to the bathroom before i have to actually go to the bathroom so i don't feel like i'm in the amazing race trying to disrobe to pee" then you remember you just had to add an additional layer e.g.: vest, sweater, jacket, what have you. my advice for next time, just wear an adult diaper and call it a day. or, skip past that floral romper dangling in your closet. it's your choice. 

vest //old // similar // urban outfitters

romper // h&m

boots // old // similar // target


  1. Ahahah but jumpers are so cute ! we can't resist them !
    Just discover your blog, love the spirit !
    Happy new year and have a great day :)

  2. YES!! I know that experience but I just love rompers and how it looks.
    So maybe I'll think about the diaper option. Haha.
    By the way, that hat looks so good on you! <3

    Much love

  3. Haha I agree rompers are the worst when it comes to having to use the bathroom :P
    Love yours though, very pretty! :) Love that at as well.

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