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last week my cousin and her family stayed with us for my brothers wedding. she has an adorable seven year old, caroline that is obsessed with all things fashion. we even had our own dress up day where she picked out outfits for me, down to the shoes and accessories. not having a daughter of my own, this made my day. we had so much fun and i wish they lived closer so we could play fashion show all the time. check out caroline in one of her many looks. hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. Wait a minute! That's a Wilkey! Are you related to Allison or Garrett? Too Funny! My sister and I grew up with Ali!

    1. How funny! Alison is my cousin. :)

    2. Small world! Sweet Caroline looks stylin'!

  2. Caroline is not a seven year old and this cannot be her!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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