night knot //14

when rey was taking these photos i told him "i hate how i always have the best top knots at night when i'm home and no one can see!" he acted like he didn't hear me. i know he did. so i continued. "you know what i mean?" "sure. yeah. i know what you mean." i know he has no clue what i am talking about. but at least he attempts to pretend to listen to whatever i am rambling on about. 
it's strange to see a photo of myself with my hair up. when i was looking at them with rey i told him "yikes, that's a lot of forehead." he said "it's your forehead and i love it." that one, he's a keeper i tell ya. 

hat // urban outfitters // old // similar
dress // urban outfitters //old // similar  
fringe blouse // urban outfitters // old
boots // forever 21


  1. Nice:)) x

  2. I love your blouse!! I want!!! *.*

  3. You look beautiful with your hair up. It's always good to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while. Love this look!

  4. So cute! Love that top! The top knot looks so good on you! I know what you mean though when looking at a picture of you with your hair up! I do the same thing yikes haha! I feel like I look bald! :/

    <3 Shannon

  5. I say that to myself EVERY night practically!! So glad we are on the same wave length... although I just now remembered my hair is now short, so I USED to say that every night. You look cute with your hair up!

  6. Loving your hair in that top knot girl! You are just the cutest, always! Great style :)
    xo TJ

  7. very cute Thank you for stopping by my blog With SITS tribe
    Have a GREAT week!!

  8. You are just too cute! The way you write and in that last photo! Thanks for a chuckle! #SITSBlogging

  9. I LOVE that fringe blouse ... this outfit is so amazingly boho

  10. You truly have such a great style, I adore your looks, you have a great blog :)


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