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one of my favorite things we do when in san antonio is to visit the natural bridge wildlife ranch. it's a super cute drive through safari. the animals approach your car window and you can feed them as you pass by. landon being the animal lover he is was in heaven! oohing and ahhing over every animal he saw. after the safari tour there is a petting zoo filled with baby goats and llamas. which kinda creeped me out because the llamas are eye level and would stare directly at you. check out their website here and stop by next time you are in the san antonio area!


  1. aww, looks like you guys had a great time

  2. Preciosas imágenes!!

  3. OMG! Those pics out of the car window are priceless!!!

  4. Seems like he had a fun time with the animals! Love the car window photos :)


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