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this week marks twenty-eight weeks. third trimester. twelve weeks to go. this summer has flew by. i feel like just yesterday i was picking up landon from his last day of school wondering "what the heck are we going to do alllll summer." it wasn't easy. i'm not going to lie. chasing him around all day would wear an ironman athlete out. now as we near the end of those days i feel sad that he is going back to school. a part of me is going to miss the mess of the playroom, our solo starbucks and target trips, even if they do result in three bathroom detours (between the two of us there's a lot of pee) what seems like hours upon hours staring at the toy aisle only to decide "ok. i'm fine. let's go."lately i can't help but think i will never get this time back. these past four years, it's been just the two of us, well, three including rey.  in just two short months there will be another one of us. don't get me wrong, i am beyond excited to be having another, and a girl on top of that, i just can't help but feel a slight twinge of guilt for him. it's been all eyes on him since the day he was born. then i think back on all the fun times i had growing up with my brother. if it weren't for my brother i would never know what it was like to have your life-size raggedy ann doll destroyed in a WWE style cage match. i'll never get that vision of her fluffily insides flying across his bedroom out of my head. for now i am just going to enjoy my time with my favorite four year old, live up the rest of those target day trips and messy playroom days. come october it's going to be double the fun. 


  1. It was a weird summer here in Oregon. It started fast and then got too hot to do anything. I cant believe kids are going back to school soon. Not ready.

  2. Awesome pics!
    Nice post and have a lovely weekend!!


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